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May I need a driving licence for a Hovercraft? I you run a Hovercraft on privat ground you may not need a licence. If you want to drive on lakes and rivers you may need a licence for boats - depends on you country law. With in the EU you will need a licence. For Hovercraft races you need an international race licence issued by your country hovercraft club.


Where may I get a hovercraft? Best way is to ask Goggle. There are manufacturers and dealers in several countries in Europe and Oversea

What should I do if I want to buy a used hovercraft In Europe you should contact your local hovercraft club. The number of pilots in europe is limited and most of them may know the craft alreday. If you ask them they may know about the history of the boat.

Whats the price for a hovercraft? e You can get a used one which has to be rebuild for some hundret euros or you can by a new craft which may cost you some 1000 . There is not a given price, it depends on the typ FS, F 50 or may be your willing to buy a F1
Is there a chance to see them live? e You may find the informations on the web by searching for you local hovercraft club.