The Crafts

The Scat HP

We have purchased the Scat in 2002 from a friend. After we had done some test on an Airfield we started racing as the Team 361. During 2003 and the firts race in 2004 we did our international race  licence n the Scat. As expected from a leassure craft, we had no chance to survive at the WHC 2004.
We sold the Scat for just 50 less than we had payed for in 2005. :-)

Have a look, what a Scat HP look like

The first Osprey

Some one had told us that we can't start as a team at the WHC 2004. Therefore 3 month before the race we had a problem.
It was not easy to find a used craft, but it was even more difficult to rebuild it in less than 3 month. Based on an old F 1 Craft we have build a F S craft with an Rotax 532 engine
In 2006 we changed the exthaust pipes and fixed some other details,


Find out, what we did with the old craft
Rebuilding the craft after a crash at the WHC 2008

The 2nd Osprey

We had already sold the Scat and we had to find a new craft for the season 2005. Build a complete new craft, buy a UK Moto 5, get the parts from the Club in the Netherlands? A lot of questions to answer. But with some luck we had a call from someone selling two crafts for 600 each with a spare engine and some parts in Austria. We did the 700 km trip but what we found was useless. The lower part of the crafts was rubish. Therefore we purchased the 503 Engine and told the guy to find a big wastbin for the crafts. After some more word we picked up on of the crafts for free. But it was a hard time to get it back on the racetrack.
After a crash in Sweden 2008 and some additional problems during an icerescuetest we had to rebuild parts of the craft. 

See the story of the craft in some pictures
The rebuilding after Crash in 2009.

The 2010 Updates

An old Motocraft - The 3rd craft in the Team

The 3rd craft has been finished for the first race in 2009 in FReiburg.

It is an old carft which has been used for many years as the training craft of the Club in Baden.

After we have cleaned and grinded it, we have started to rebuild it to be used by our third driver to do her international licence.

Have a look whats going on with the craft