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We are not english native speekers. Therefore, if you find any spelling mistakes: You can keep them :-)

03.10.2011 Today, we have uploaded the pictures and the track from Saalburg. As usual a KMZ-File is available as well.

14.08.2011 Today, we have made some changes in the page incl. the update of the drivers introduction and we have opend a section about hovercraft technology.

28.07.2011 Today, we have uploaded the pictures from the race event in Trencin.

06.02.2011 Today, we have had and Ice Rescue Training together with teh Waters Rescue service. We have tried to rescue a person from an area coverd with water between 10 am 80 cm which was partly frozen. 

25.01.2011 The new 2011 calender is out now.

25.09.2010 We have updated our page with picture from the race in Saalburg Germany, incl. the KMZ-File and the track information.

11.09.2010 We have opend up our fanpage on facebook(TM). If you like to join, search for hovercraft racing team bergstrasse.

04.09.2010 We have now checkd and cleand the GPS-Data, thereofre we are able to present:

- The Track
The KMZ-File to be used with Google Earth (TM)

In Addition we have uploaded the pictures from our visit at the Hovercraftmuseum in Lee-on-the-Solent.

03.09.2010 just back from the Worlds, we have had some problems with one of our crafts, But have a look on your own.

- Pictures from the race
Our Hovercrafts in Action

24.07.2010 We have just finished bothe Receweekends in France without problem, therefore the Worlds can come.

With this news, we have added some more pictures and facts from the last two weekends.

Port Saint Pere:
Pictures from the race
The track
The KMZ-File to be used with Google Earth (TM)

Our Boot in Action
Pictures from the race
The Track
The KMZ-File to be used with Google Earth (TM)

29.05.2010 Today we have stop our plan to participate in the European Race in Slowakia next weekend, we we can't get out First Osprey ready till next Thurstay. Therefore we are planning not for the race in France an the WHC 2010

24.05.2010 After we have finished a lot of prework, we have been able to build an new lower part for the 363.
Click here to see some picture of the work

Building the structure

Prework is 

The work has
been done

09.05.2010 The reconstruction of our 2nd Craft, which have had a bad crash during the WHC 2008, is in good progress.

The lower part, 
which need to be 

The engine fitting 
has been badly damaged

The first steps 
have been done  

06.02.2010 Today we have a new symbol in the section recing.
We have introduced a smal satelite wich will allow you to download a kmz-File with the overlay of the racetrak in Google Earth.
Take the 2008 WHC as an example:

21.06.2009 Today we have uptated our pictures with some impressions from Grez Neuville,

16.06.2009 After the race in Grez Neuville, we have added some pictures from the race as well as the racetrack.

12.05.2009 Today we have placed the pictures from Freiburg on our page. You find some of the in den galerie, as well as in the racereport gekommen. In addition we have a layout of the racetrack ready

18.04.2009 The navigation within the Category boats have been changed to have the navigation in english as well. Not like in the past, that you will end up in the german version again.

11.04.2009 While preparing for the 2009 seasion, we discoverd that the damages from a crash in Sweden are much heavier than expected, therefore we have to rebuild parts of the boat. See some of the pictures here.

20.03.2009 The preparation for the season 2009 has jsut started, therefore our homepage gets a few updates and cosmetics as well. 

04.01.2009 Ice Rescue Test, together with the DLRG (German Water Rescue Service - Pictures in Galerie (Text available in German only) 


03.09.2008 We have updated the picture galery with news from the WHC 2008 in Sweden


In the racing area, you can find the profile of the track in Sweden 

03.08.2008 We have made some updates on the page, but the english version is still not completed. 

We have updated the informations about the race in Freiburg 2007 and 2008 as well as the race in Wijhe Netherlands with speed profiles of the racecorse. 

You can reach the profiles by clicking on this logo at each place in the races or by using the hyperlink below.
Freiburg/Germany 2007
Freiburg/Germany 2008
Wijhe/Netherlands 2008
In addition we have updated the drivers profiles incl. the results of the 2008 germany- and the european championship.
Lars Klawonn
Thomas Philipp
Good news for us:
We have finsihed the season with the first place in formular S and 50 in Germany.

22.06.2008 The page has just started with the german version.
I'm working on the translation of the page. If you work youself deeper into the pictures the navigation may get you back to the german version again.

You can reopen the UK Version by clicking on the flag.